Youth Advocate and Elementary School Teacher Diletta Dang Dies at 35

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Courtesy Kaia Lacy

Diletta Dang, a youth advocate, social activist and elementary school teacher died on Dec. 10. She was 35.

Dang, known affectionately by family as “the little one,” was a sharp wit who was passionate and joyous. She was filled with brilliant ideas and dreams of adventure. She believed that education could empower youth to carve out a better world, and fiercely advocated for the support of their potential.

Earlier in life, she served as a Skrappy’s volunteer in rotating programs supporting at-risk youth, speaking at City Council Meetings and assisting in forums to implement protections and assistance for the ones who fell through the cracks.

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After graduating from the UA and receiving her masters in teaching from the University of Chicago, Dang returned home to the desert and served in Tucson as a public school teacher. She continued to be an outspoken advocate of the underserved, always committed to civic engagement aimed to support those facing social and racial inequities.

Throughout her life she imprinted her legacy on the people she loved and supported, and the many children who sat in her classroom. No amount of words can encompass her beauty, or the immeasurable loss felt by her death.

A public celebration of love for Dang will be held Jan. 9, 2022, at La Cocina at 5 p.m.

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