This is the intense ‘Panchakarma’ cleanse that Aaron Rodgers underwent

Aaron Rodgers has fans flooding the internet with questions about his latest health and wellness method.

During an appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show” Tuesday, the reigning NFL MVP quarterback said he finished a 12-day Panchakarma cleanse, which he called a “PK cleanse” — and it sounds intense.

“It’s a cleanse that originated in India. It’s been going on for thousands of years, and it’s something that I’ve done in the offseason,” Rodgers said, adding that the treatment caused him to feel an immense amount of gratitude.

What is a Panchakarma cleanse, you ask?

Panchakarma is a principle of Ayurveda medicine that is done for cleansing, balancing, healing, and rejuvenation, according to the Ayurveda Institute. It’s supposed to eliminate toxins from your body, strengthen your immune system and relax your mind and body through upper and lower purging.

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There are a number of Ayurvedic cleansing procedures that are involved in Panchakarma.

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Vamana: Therapeutic vomiting, or induced vomiting.

Virechana: Purgation therapy, or forced diarrhea to purge the bowel and cleanse blood toxins, the sweat glands, kidneys, stomach, small intestine, colon, liver, and spleen.

Basti: Medications given by enema to cleanse toxins through the colon.

Nasya: The elimination of toxins through the nose. It is done by nasal administration of medications, which can include various oils, dry powers or herbs, fresh juices, ghee, and medicated decoctions and milk.

Raktamokshana: Detoxification of the blood.

During his appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show,” Rodgers explained Panchakarma further.

“You’re eating a specific diet and going through these treatments every day and you’re not really doing anything else. You kind of got to turn everything else off. So you’re not working out or anything. It’s kind of a re-centering and it not only heals you physically, but I think it takes away mental stress,” he said. “And then the spiritual part, it allows you to kind of enjoy the meditations a little bit more.”

According to the Ayurveda Institute, “It is advised to get plenty of rest during the panchakarma experience and to avoid strenuous exercise, sexual activity, late nights, loud music, television and other such stimulating experiences.

“A mono-diet of kitchari and ghee is recommended, as well as essential restrictions on cold drinks, cold food, caffeine, white sugar, recreational drugs or alcohol and dairy products—all substances which should not be resumed (if at all) until sometime after panchakarma is completed. The reason for this diet is that during the cleansing process the digestive fire (agni) takes a rest. Also, as toxins move back into the gastrointestinal tract, the power of digestion is further slowed. Kitchari will provide adequate nourishment, is very easy to digest, nourishes all the tissues of the body, is excellent for de-aging of cells and assists in the detoxification and cleansing process. Kitchari is a seasoned mixture of rice and mung dal, and is basic to the Ayurvedic way of life. Basmati rice and mung dal both have the qualities of being sweet and cooling with a sweet aftertaste. Together they create a balanced food; an excellent protein combination that is tridoshic.”

On Wednesday, Rodgers’ good friend and former Packers teammate, A.J. Hawk, didn’t seem surprised by the quarterback’s recent cleanse.

“He’s a unique, weird dude. He’s always trying to find what he can do to be better physically, mentally and all that,” Hawk said on “The Pat McAfee Show.”

After he completed the cleanse, Rodgers said, “My first thought is this intense gratitude for the people in my life.”

Those feelings prompted the quarterback to share an Instagram tribute to his Packers teammates and his fiancée Shailene Woodley on Monday that went viral.

Fans were convinced that Rodgers’ “cryptic” message was a farewell to Green Bay, amid questions about whether or not he’ll return for an 18th NFL season.

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