This iPhone trick can tell you if your date is lying about their height

Short kings, iPhone users are onto your ways.

Apple’s smartphones have a measuring tool that can accurately tell you someone height just by taking a photo.

It’s compatible with phones as old as the iPhone SE or iPhone 6S, so long as they are updated with iOS 12 or newer software.

The measuring tool is the most effective when running on the latest iPhone software, iOS 15.

To use the measuring tool, simply open the Measure app by clicking the icon.

The Measure app should already be on your iPhone among the likes of the Clock app, Calculator app and Compass app.

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For some users, the icon may be buried in a folder from rearranging downloaded apps.

Swipe all the way left on your home screen and search “Measure” to avoid rummaging through a cluttered screen.

Make note that when the Measure app is in use, the camera is in operation.

To take a measurement, angle the white dot to the top of the object you want to measure and click the + icon.

It’s very much like taking a picture in the Camera app.

Tap on the + icon to establish the first plot point in your measurement. Continue mapping your measurement by mimicking the motion to take a panoramic photo.

The lidar scanner is the small black dot in the iPhone’s camera box.

Click the + icon once more to conclude your measurement.

A white line marking your measurement will stay on your screen, fixed to the object that’s been measured.

It’s a practical example of the uses of augmented reality!

Newer versions of the iPhone will analyze objects in the camera’s lens and automatically project measurements.

Using the software iOS 14 or better can enable the iPhone to measure people’s heights just by aiming the camera at them.

iPhones released after 2020 are even more accurate in measurements, thanks to the addition of a lidar scanner.

iPhone 13 pro max on a black background. three close-up phone cameras, apple logo. russia, krasnoyarsk 13 october 2021.
The measuring tool is the most effective when running on the latest iPhone software.

Apple Support blogs note that in order to get an accurate measurement of a person’s height, make sure they’re positioned in bright lighting and that their face is unobstructed by a face mask or a hat.

This may be useful to users who are skeptical about a potential date’s height.

The measuring tool can also take photos with the measurements overlaid on the image.

The most accurate measurements are taken from a distance of 2 to 10 feet from the desired object.

According to Business Insider, Apple decimated the need for any one of the 80+ measuring apps in the App store when they released their own measure app with iOS 12.

This story originally appeared on The Sun and has been reproduced here with permission.

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