‘This Came Out of Me’ shocks with ER traumas: ‘How did that get there?’

They aren’t talking about a baby.

Fascinated by myriad stories of revolting surgeries? You’re in luck: Wednesday night brings two new episodes of the four-part Discovery show “This Came Out of Me,” which details the gag-worthy procedures on emergency room patients who, for various reasons, have gotten unlikely objects lodged in inexplicable places.

“If they don’t come out right away, they can cause big problems,” intones host Dr. Ruby Rose in an epic teaser exclusive to The Post for the “not for the squeamish” series.

“They can even ruin your life,” Rose eerily asserts.

The fashion model-turned-ER physician guides viewers on a journey through 21 emergency rooms across Texas with the goal of finding “everyday situations in which things end up in places … they just shouldn’t be,” per a recent press release.

Glass in the eye, anyone?

Highlighted cases in the squirm-inducing series include ear-invading cockroaches, concrete stuck in people’s legs and other infiltrators that make a splinter seem like a winning lottery ticket. Think “Monsters Inside Me” but with inanimate objects as well.

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In one wince-worthy episode teased in the trailer, surgeons are forced to use a needle to extract a shard of glass from a woman’s eye.

It might seem excruciating but, as Discovery puts it, “What goes in must come out.”

A block of all four “This Came Out Of Me” episodes will air Wednesday, Feb. 23, from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. ET — with two new ones premiering at 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. — on Science Channel. All episodes will be available to stream on Discovery+ starting Thursday.

Some of the more revolting cases involved bugs in the ear.
Some of the more revolting cases involved bugs in ears.
Dr. Ruby Rose.
Dr. Ruby Rose gets a closer look at an offending object.
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