These 12 Fringe Hairstyles Are Making Me Want to Cut My Hair Short

I have spent the past six years growing my hair back to waist length after I had a funny five minutes and decided to chop it all off in 2015. If you’re the sort of person who changes their hair every week, this might not seem like a particularly big deal to you, but having super-long hair is kind of my thing, so cutting it off at my shoulders was a really bold move.

And while I liked it at first, my hair is very fine, and I found the need for daily styling a bit of a fuss. Needless to say, the novelty of change soon wore off, and I became wholeheartedly committed to growing it again. Six long years later, I’m now back in my comfort zone with my hair brushing against my lower back. But finally having my strands back to how I like them has left me yearning for change once more. (I like a project—what can I say?)

In fact, I’ve become really quite taken by the idea of chopping it all off, perhaps even shorter this time. You see, my saved folder on Instagram appears to be filled with pictures of super-short, fringed styles. And that must be telling me something, right? I’m certain I need at least another six months of thought on the matter before I do something reckless, but I figured I should share my inspiration with you, just in case you’re in the market for a similar ’do. Here are the 12 short hairstyles with a fringe that I can’t stop looking at…

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