The place to Keep in Boise, Idaho → 3 Greatest Areas for Vacationers

Welcome the Idoha’s capital city also called “the city of trees”. As you can probably tell from the nickname, Boise has an amazing landscape featuring the Rocky Mountains, the Boise River, and many nice lush green parks full of beautiful trees. Doesn’t sound like an ordinary city right?

Even though Boise is a significant destination for business travelers, it also has a lot of interesting cultural sites, museums, and restaurants that can attract all kinds of travelers. You will not only find great shops and local breweries but also hiking trails with stunning views and botanical gardens!

In this blog post on where to stay in Boise, I will talk about the best areas and hotels for you to have a joyful trip. I have already picked the top hotels for you but now you also need to do your homework by making an early reservation if you don’t want to miss them.

If you are ready, let’s discover the best places to stay in Boise!

If you are in a hurry

Here are the best places to stay in Boise, Idaho from luxury to budget. They all have very good reviews and excellent locations near downtown and Boise River!

luxury hotel

Web Search Engine

Hotel 43 Boise

Best luxury hotel

West End 1BR

An Airbnb with amazing reviews

mid-range hotel

Hilton Garden Inn

Best value for money

budget hotel

Hyde Park Delight

Best affordable accommodation in the center

Here is a map for where to stay in Boise, Idaho with the 3 best areas I will be talking about in this blog post so you can easily understand them:

1. Downtown Boise – where to stay in Boise for the first time

Boise Downtown is the cultural and commercial center of the city where you will find great museums, fun attractions, good quality restaurants, and local craft breweries. Whether you are an art lover, foodie, or into shopping, there are more than enough things for everyone here!

While strolling through the modern buildings in the downtown area you can always encounter a nice park or see amazing views of the Rocky Mountains. You see, Downtown Boise is far away from being a regular concrete jungle city! Make sure to have a walk by the beautiful Boise River and check out the trendy cafes and great dining options along the way.

FUN FACT: Boise River is a fishing paradise as you can catch 6 different kinds of Idaho Trout all year round!

Downtown Boise is the best area in the city for shopping, catching cultural events, and discovering historical museums. You will also find the best hotel selection in the downtown areas but before talking about the beautiful hotel options that I found for you, I just want to remind you that you have to be quick to catch these places as they can fill up too fast!

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Now, let’s have a look at the best places to stay in Downtown Boise:

Luxury hotel

Hotel 43 Boise

This hotel is one of the best hotels in Boise Downtown that offers spacious rooms, a very good breakfast, a free airport shuttle to Boise airport, and on-site parking. There is an upscale award-winning restaurant where you can have delicious seafood and steaks with a great selection of wine. It also has the best location in the downtown area for business travelers and sightseers as the Idaho State Capitol Building and Zoo Boise are just within walking distance!

Other accommodation options in Downtown Boise

Hilton Garden Inn

Centrally located in Downtown, Hilton Garden Inn offers a swimming pool and a complimentary breakfast and is good for business travelers

Modern Hotel

This hotel offers a central location near Boise River, free bike rentals, modern rooms, and is within easy walking to the restaurants

West End 1BR

This Airbnb is within walking distance to the downtown attractions and has spacious rooms, a nice terrace, and a fully furnished kitchen

Things to do in Downtown Boise

2. Southeast Boise & East End – best area to stay for nature

Southeast Boise is located 3 miles (5 km) away from Downtown Boise and has amazing nature surrounded by the Boise River and lush green gardens. If you want to enjoy outdoor activities and amazing landscapes during your trip to Boise you will love this side of the town!

In Southeast Boise you will find stunning botanical gardens, beautiful parks by the river, and great local restaurants. It is also home to Boise State University and is the closest town to Boise Airport.

If you cross the Boise River and drive for 4 miles (6km) you will arrive in the East End which is another lovely neighborhood that offers amazing hiking trails and stunning nature. Doesn’t it sound tempting to be close to downtown while also being able to enjoy the outdoors?

If you’re looking for other interesting places like Boise I can highly recommend you check out Portland, we even have another post on the best hotels there just for you!

By staying in Southeast Boise or East End, you will have easy access to the city center and be able to see different parts of the city. If that sounds perfect for you, let me talk about the best hotels to stay in these areas. Just make sure to book your place in advance if you don’t want to miss your favorite hotel. Here we go!

Luxury hotel

Family Oasis

This Airbnb is one of the best places to stay in Boise that offers 3 large bedrooms with luxurious amenities, a fully furnished kitchen, and free parking. I love the garden area where you can have a BBQ and enjoy dinner with a great view. This beautiful house’s location is also very close to the Boise Airport and Boise State University.

Other options in Southeast Boise & East End

SpringHill Suites Marriott

This hotel is just a 10 minutes drive to Boise Airport and offers a swimming pool, modern rooms, and easy access to the city center

The Huntington

This hotel is a good value for money that has a swimming pool, fitness center, comfortable rooms, and easy access to the downtown

Stylish Studio

Located near the Boise Airport and Boise State University this Airbnb offers spacious rooms and a nice garden

Things to do in Southeast Boise & East End

  • Discover the beautiful Idaho Botanical Garden
  • Go for a stroll at Warm Springs Park
  • Visit the Old Idaho Penitentiary Site
  • Go for a walk at the Barber Park
  • Take a golf lesson at Warm Springs Golf Course
  • Have dinner at Smoky Mountain Pizzeria & Grill
  • Visit the Idaho Museum of Mining and Geology
  • Start your hiking adventure from the 14 tram trailhead

3. North End – best area to stay for local experiences

North End is located just 2 miles (3 km) north of Downtown Boise and is a great place for those who want to stay in an area with a local vibe. Cute historic buildings, local craft breweries, antique shops, and hipster coffee shops are just some of the things that await you in the North End.

If you are a person like me who likes to feel the soul of the city by simply walking around the streets, having coffee in local cafes, and checking out the local shops, North End is that neighborhood in Boise. Here you will also find the city’s largest park, Camel’s Back Park, so why not allow some time to chill and enjoy nature!

Foodies must check out the amazing restaurants at Hyde Park in North End, which is also a great place for a sunset stroll.

If you are already curious about the hotels in Boise North End, here are my top accommodations that have easy access to the downtown area:

Luxury hotel

Lux Home with Hot Tub

This luxurious Airbnb features a fully furnished kitchen with modern amenities, a laundry room, a living room with a fireplace, and free parking. You will love the terrace area overlooking a nice garden and after a tiring day, you can use the hot tub and chill in the garden area. This charming house also has a great location near Camel’s Back Park and easy access to the airport and city center.

Other accommodation options in North End, Boise

Franklin House

Located just a mile away from the city center, this hotel offers comfortable rooms, a nice garden area, and free wifi

Hyde Park Delight

Hyde Park Delight is very good value with its great location, spacious rooms, kitchen, and free parking

North Blue Flat

This Airbnb features a fully furnished kitchen with great amenities, spacious rooms, a terrace, private parking, and a great location

Things to do in North End, Boise

  • Go for a walk at Camel’s Back Park
  • Have a walk and check out the restaurants at Hyde Park
  • Take a pint and snacks at 13th Street Pub and Grill
  • Have dinner at The Hyde House
  • Shop at the ​​non-profit organization, Dunia Marketplace
  • Have a good coffee at Hyde Perk Coffee House
  • Go for a stroll at Elm Grove Park
👑 Luxury price: $200
💵 Mid Range: $150
🛏️ Budget: $100
🏠 Airbnb: $120
💰Accommodation prices: Medium
📍Best area: Downtown Boise
👪 Best area for families: Southeast Boise & East End
🛎️ Best luxury hotel: Hotel 43 Boise
🧳 Best mid-range hotel: Hilton Garden Inn
👛 Best budget hotel: Hyde Park Delight

Frequently asked questions about Boise, Idaho

🗺️ What part of Boise, Idaho should I stay in?

✨ What is the nicest part of Boise, Idaho?

Downtown Boise is the nicest part of Boise with many nice museums, fun attractions, and good restaurants. Some of the best places to stay in Boise downtown are Hotel 43 Boise and Hilton Garden Inn.

🔔 What are the best hotels to stay in Boise, Idaho?

🤔 Is Boise, Idaho worth visiting?

Yes, Boise is a very nice city worth visiting that offers scenic river views, cultural museums, fun attractions, lush green parks, and nice restaurants.

❌ What are the bad areas of Boise Idaho?

Morris Hill is a bad area to stay in Boise due to its high crime rate.

📷 What should I not miss in Boise, Idaho?

Here are some of the main city attractions that you should not miss in Boise:
● The Idaho State Capitol Building
● The Boise Art Museum
● Idaho Botanical Garden
● The Idaho State Museum
● Zoo Boise
● Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial
● The Basque Museum and Cultural Center


It is time for me to say goodbye, dear travelers. In this blog post on where to stay in Boise, Idaho, I talked about the best hotels in Boise from luxury to budget as well as Airbnbs in each area. As I said at the beginning I highly recommend staying in Downtown Boise for first-timers as you will find a bit of everything but I let you decide according to the activities that you wanna do the most.

Just remember that the hotels in Boise I talked about are the best of the best ones and can be sold out qıicker than you think. That’s why do not forget to make a reservation in advance to secure your place and get better deals!

I know I’ve already given so many places to stay in Boise, Idaho but if you want to hear my absolute 2 favorite hotels in Boise Downtown that have great locations and reviews, here you go:

  • Hotel 43 Boise – The best luxury hotel to stay in Boise Downtown with spacious rooms and easy access to the city attractions
  • Hilton Garden Inn – A great hotel with good value of money to stay in Boise Downtown that has a great location and breakfast

If you have any other suggestions or questions about places to stay in Boise, Idaho please do not hesitate to leave a comment below. I’ll be glad to leave a reply to them. Hope to see you on another travel destination!

Enjoy your time in Boise,


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