The most outrageous reality TV shows of 2021

From nude survivalists to singles going on dates while caked in makeup and animal masks.

As 2021 comes to an end, it’s time to look back on the year’s TV offerings, which were chock full of outrageous reality TV.

Forget the “Tiger King” of 2020 — this year focused on overly elaborate dating shows, along with some friend group antics and international adventures.

Here are the most outrageous reality shows of 2021.

“Naked and Afraid of Love,” (Discovery+)

A spinoff of the long running survivalist series “Naked and Afraid,” this added a dating element to the mix. Nude singles were dropped off in remote locations where they’d mingle with each other to see if there might be a spark – all while creating actual sparks, because they were responsible for making their own fires, foraging food, and creating shelter. Needless to say, it drew a cast of adventurous types.

Nude daters Bennett Murphy and Britt Whitmire get to know each other on “Naked and Afraid of Love.”

“FBoy Island” (HBO max)

Hosted by comedian Nikki Glaser, the elaborate premise of this show was a “Bachelor” like set-up in which three single ladies had to go on group and solo dates, choosing from a pool of 24 men until they found the one. The catch? Half the men there were looking for love while half were self-proclaimed “FBoys” who were just in it to win cash, and the ladies weren’t told who was who. It was a dating show, a psychological experiment, and an elaborate personality test all wrapped into one. It’s no wonder it’s coming back for a Season 2.

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Nikki Glaser stands outside on a beach.
Nikki Glaser hosted the outrageous HBO Max dating show “FBoy Island.”

“Sexy Beasts” (Netflix)

The trailer for this show went viral when it came out in June, because who could resist watching with horrified fascination as a panda and a praying mantis make casual small talk over drinks in a bar? In this dating show where singles don absurd disguises, the point was to look beneath the surface to get to know each other on a deeper level. But, as one of the contestants told The Post, the disguises were more than a little distracting. “It’s like, you’re not talking to a person, you’re talking to a rooster,” contestant Martha said. “You’re looking at the details in the mask… But, we had good conversations.”

Two people caked in masks and animal makeup toast champagne glasses while on a date.
Daters get to know each other while caked in outrageous prosthetics and animal makeup in “Sexy Beasts.”

“Extreme Sisters,” (TLC)

While many TLC shows follow people with outrageous daily lives, this one took the cake. As the title suggests, it showcased a pair of identical twin sisters who dress alike, do everything together, and have a “shared” boyfriend. A second pair of thirtysomething twin sisters featured on the show who are married to twin brothers and all live together and dress alike.

Identical twin women in red dresses hug each other.
“Extreme Sisters” Anna and Lucy dress alike, do everything together … and share a boyfriend.

“Crime Scene Kitchen,” (Fox)

Hosted by reality show veteran Joel McHale, this wacky show put an oddball spin on a typical cooking competition series. In it, a team of chefs try to re-create a mystery desert based on “clues.” It might not be as outrageous as people who date nude in the wilderness, but it’s out there for a food show, just in case you wanted to combine a mystery show premise with your cooking.

Contestant Natasha with host Joel McHale measure ingredients together in a kitchen in "Crime Scene Kitchen."
Contestant Natasha with host Joel McHale measure ingredients in “Crime Scene Kitchen.”

“Bling Empire,” (Netflix)

Billed as a real life version of “Crazy Rich Asians,” this reality series took lavish lifestyles to the next level. With a cast such as former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant (and co-founder of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Inc) Christine Chiu and DJ/model Kim Lee, the show featured such events as a child’s party that cost a whopping $1 millon (it had a Gucci claw machine) and, spontaneous lunch trips to Paris.

Kim Lee and Christine Chiu pose together in pink outfits and wigs.
Kim Lee and Christine Chiu party together in the lavish world of “Bling Empire.”

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