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Russian frigate Admiral Gorshkov in Cuba

The Russian frigate Admiral Gorshkov, equipped with supersonic missiles of the Zircon type, recently arrived in the port of Havana, Cuba. With its arrival, the warship is only 180 kilometers from the nearest US shores, escalating tensions between Washington and Moscow.

Admiral Gorshkov is one of the most modern warships in the Russian Navy, capable of carrying Zircon missiles, which fly at extremely high speeds and can maneuver, making their interception extremely difficult. Supersonic weapons such as the Zircon are a serious threat, as they can penetrate the most advanced defense systems, such as the Patriot, used by the US air defense.

The visit of the Russian frigate to Havana attracted the attention of many international analysts and military experts. Many of them express concerns about the unprecedented threats posed by Russian vessels to the United States. The presence of Zircon so close to the US mainland is an unprecedented development, increasing the degree of risk to the US.

In addition, the Russian nuclear-powered submarine Kazan is expected to arrive in Havana soon. This submarine is equipped with cruise missiles and hypersonic missiles, which further strengthens Russian military forces in the region and raises additional concerns for the Pentagon.

This military move is part of a broader framework of strategic operations and power projection by Russia, aiming to strengthen its influence and respond to US sanctions and military actions. Zircon hypersonic missiles, due to their unique characteristics, are a critical factor in modern military balances and a powerful tool in the hands of the Kremlin.

Admiral Gorshkov’s arrival in Cuba is a clear indication of Russia’s determination to project its military might and develop strategic alliances in Latin America at a time of heightened geopolitical tensions.

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