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Portland mayor Ted Wheeler votes in city council meeting while driving

Portland’s Democratic mayor, Ted Wheeler, voted at a city council meeting from behind the wheel.

“Drive carefully with your daughter. And have a wonderful afternoon,” Dan Ryan, a city commissioner, told the mayor during a meeting Wednesday, a video recording of which was posted to YouTube.

In the clip, Wheeler can be seek looking back and forth between the road and his phone’s camera, before voting “aye” on a landmarks-related agenda item.

His office didn’t immediately return The Post’s request for comment.

While the multitasking probably doesn’t break Oregon state law, it likely does violate the liberal city’s administrative code, according to Bike Portland, which first reported the mayor’s distracted driving.

Wheeler was reportedly breaking city administrative code by driving while using a cell phone.
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A YouTube video shows Portland mayor Ted Wheeler driving while holding a city council vote last Wednesday.
Video footage from a Zoom call shows Wheeler looking at the road during the city council meeting.

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The code bans most city workers from driving while using a cell phone, with or without a hands-free device, according to the blog.

A flack for the city’s Office of Management and Finance, Heather Hafer, told the blog the mayor was subject to the rule.

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