Joe Rogan’s podcast vanishes briefly from Spotify

Joe Rogan’s podcast abruptly vanished from Spotify on Friday, but it reappeared within minutes.

“Couldn’t find that podcast,” read a message on the Spotify page for “The Joe Rogan Experience” shortly after 12 p.m. “Search for something else?”

The brief disappearance raised eyebrows since it came as Rogan has taken flak for hosting guests with sometimes controversial opinions on vaccines and political issues, but a Spotify spokesperson said it was simply a technical malfunction.

“It’s a technical issue affecting a number of our shows and should be resolved soon,” the spokesperson told The Post.

Joe Rogan’s podcast vanished from Spotify on Friday.
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The podcast appeared to be inaccessible for about 20 minutes.

Neil Young recently pulled his music off Spotify in protest of Rogan.

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Spotify paid Rogan at least $200 million to exclusively host his podcast, according to the New York Times.

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