Joe Rogan forced to cancel Vancouver show because he’s not vaccinated

Joe Rogan won’t be seeing the Great White North anytime soon.

The 54-year-old podcaster canceled his sold-out April 20 show in Vancouver due to Canada’s current pandemic travel mandate.

During a Christmas Eve episode of the “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, the host said the move was preemptive, believing it would have been canceled by default because he’s not vaccinated. Currently, travelers and tourists are required to show proof of vaccination to get around the country.

“I should probably say this because I haven’t yet. My 4/20 show that’s sold out in Vancouver — I don’t think that’s happening,” Rogan said. “I don’t think I can even get into the country. I’m not vaccinated. I’m not gonna get vaccinated. I have antibodies, it doesn’t make any sense.”

He later confirmed on Facebook that the upcoming Vancouver show has been pushed off to Oct. 24.

Joe Rogan has criticized vaccine passports that allow bar unvaccinated people from entering certain establishments.
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Vaccination is required for participants who are traveling and attending certain events. Rogers Arena, where Rogan’s show was set to commence, requires proof of vaccination.

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Back in September, the New Jersey native revealed to fans that he had contracted COVID, after for months telling viewers not to get the vaccine.

In an Instagram video he posted at the time, Rogan stated: “I GOT COVID. My apologies, but we have to move the Nashville show to Sunday, October 24. Much love to you all.”

The longtime UFC commentator also explained that he felt “very weary,” adding, “I had a headache, and I just felt just run down.”

Rogan quarantined from the rest of his family and took a COVID test that came back positive. Following the result, he “threw the kitchen sink at it, all kinds of meds,” including “monoclonal antibodies, ivermectin, Z-Pak, prednisone, everything.”

He added, “I also got an NAD drip and a vitamin drip and I did that three days in a row. Here we are on Wednesday, and I feel great.”

Ivermectin has not been recommended by the Food and Drug Administration as a treatment for COVID-19, while study results of monoclonal antibodies have been mixed.

Days after he announced his diagnosis, Rogan re-emerged to share that he’d beat the virus, assuring his 13.8 million followers, “Tested negative today! Thanks for all the kind wishes!”

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