Incredible trick to eject water from a wet iPhone with one tap revealed

Water is enough to break your iPhone completely but there might be one last thing to try and save it.

Sadly, the old rest it in rice trick does not work, despite people saying otherwise.

Water can easily get in through the speaker grills or the charging port.

Thankfully newer iPhones are waterproof up to a certain point, but repeated, long dunks in water could be damaging.

So if you’re running out of options, this technique might do the trick.

It involves an unofficial Apple shortcut called Water Eject.

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With a four out of five rating based on 21.2k reviews, it’s worth a shot.

First up, you will need to have the Apple Shortcut app installed.

Then, from your iPhone, tap Get Shortcut on this website.

The Shortcut app will automatically open – tap the Add Shortcut button.

Next, go to My Shortcuts along the bottom.

Tap the Water Eject button, followed by Begin Water Eject.

Remember, it’s not an official fix and can only do so much but it may well spare you from serious iPhone damage.

Also, make sure any precious photos and other data is backed up, otherwise you risk losing them entirely should the iPhone break completely.

The bad news is that your phone may still be knackered in the long run, even if it works immediately.
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Does it guarantee your iPhone will be fine?

No, it might still be broken – and even if it works, it might not forever.

The bad news is that your phone may still be knackered in the long run, even if it works immediately.

Water drying on internal components can kick-start a corrosion process that could irreparably damage components down the line.

So you might find that a soaked phone stops working many months after the incident.

Thankfully most modern iPhones come with water resistance these days.

But Apple warns that resistance may decrease as a result of normal wear.

This story originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced here with permission.

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