In France and the United Kingdom the Storm Ciaran

Records of rainfall and wind speeds

In France and the United Kingdom, there are records of rainfall and wind speeds being disrupted by Storm Ciaran. The adverse weather conditions are also expected to affect Spain, where heavy rain and strong winds have led to a series of problems and disasters, resulting in record-breaking water levels.

Storm Ciaran has been classified as a significant threat by the UK’s Met Office, which has issued a yellow warning for anticipated heavy rains. The meteorological institute in France has issued orange and red alerts in numerous regions, including Corsica.

A yellow alert signifies expectations of heavy rain and storms, which could potentially lead to road flooding, property and business damage, and even isolated communities becoming isolated due to high water levels. In various parts of the UK, winds have reached or exceeded speeds of 160 kilometers per hour, as reported by the Independent. This has forced about 40 residents in the British Isles and Channel Islands to evacuate their homes and seek shelter.

The BBC has released astonishing footage depicting the moment when strong gusts of wind from Storm Ciaran struck a house, causing the bedroom window to blow open, where a mother was sleeping near her baby’s crib. The sound of the approaching wind and the sudden window opening is chilling, particularly given that this event unfolded in the dead of night.

Both Britain and France are on high alert, resulting in numerous flight and train cancellations. Authorities are closely monitoring the storm’s progress to assess whether it will completely disrupt transportation.

British authorities have also issued instructions for residents across all areas to ensure their mobile phones are charged, have flashlights and warm clothing on hand, and possess necessary safety measures in case of power supply disruptions due to the storm. According to the Guardian, 20,000 homes and businesses in Britain have already experienced power outages. The Energy Networks Association, representing electricity network operators in the UK and Ireland, has reported that 107,000 consumers have been reconnected today, despite very challenging weather conditions.

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In France, Storm Ciaran has resulted in one fatality and left 1.2 million households without power. The national meteorological service has issued a red alert for three areas in the northwest and 30 orange alerts for other regions in the country. In Brittany’s Finistère department, where winds reached up to 207 km/h in Pointe-du-Raz, two people sustained minor injuries, and road traffic was suspended until further notice, as confirmed by prefect Alain Espinas during an interview with RTL radio station. Transport Minister Clement Bonn reported on Franceinfo radio that a truck driver in the Ain department, northeast of Paris, lost his life when a tree fell on his truck, emphasizing the importance of staying at home in such hazardous conditions.

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