Genius iMessage trick every iPhone owner needs to know will hide spam texts

Every iPhone owner is being urged to learn an iMessage trick that cleans up your inbox.

If you’re a regular iPhone user, you’ll probably find that your Messages app is easily clogged up.

Often it’ll fill up with spam texts or verification code messages.

These texts can sometimes make it difficult to find important conversations.

Thankfully, there’s an Apple feature that lets you filter out texts from Unknown Senders.

It won’t block them (so you’ll still receive them), but it makes your iPhone inbox much tidier.

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The trick was shared by TikTok creator @ambre_skye, where it’s received more than 45,000 likes.

You can change the settings at any time if you don’t like the feature.

Importantly, you can very easily check messages from Unknown Senders if you need to.

How to filter Messages on iPhone

First, make sure your iPhone is updated to the latest software.

Go to Settings > General > Software Update to check.

Then open Settings again and then choose Messages.

Scroll down and turn in Filter Unknown Senders under Message Filtering.

So how do you activate the filters?

Go to the Messages app, and choose Filters in the top-left corner.

Then you’ll see that your Messages are split.

The trick was shared by TikTok creator @ambre_skye.

You’ll have filters for All Messages, Known Senders and Unknown Senders.

So if you want the tidiest inbox, it’s probably best to leave messages filtered by Known Senders.

But you can check the filtered inbox for Unknown Senders if you have a particular reason to.

If you want to return to a regular inbox, just filter for All Messages.

This Apple feature lets you filter out texts from Unknown Senders.

These filters work for texts sent via SMS as well as iMessage.

And if someone you know is appearing in the Unknown Senders filter, add them as a contact to pull them through into the Known Senders inbox.

This story originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced here with permission.

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