Dak Prescott sorry for praising fans throwing debris at referees

With two days to think about his words, Dak Prescott has apologized for praising Cowboys fans who threw debris at the officials after Sunday’s loss to the 49ers.

“I deeply regret the comments I made regarding the officials after the game on Sunday,” the Cowboys quarterback tweeted on Tuesday. “I was caught up in the emotion of a disappointing loss and my words were uncalled for and unfair.

“I hold the NFL Officials in the highest regard and have always respected their professionalism and the difficulty of their jobs. The safety of everyone who attends a game or participates on the field of a sporting event is a very serious matter. That was a mistake on my behalf, and I am sorry.”

After the loss on Sunday, Prescott initially took issue with fans throwing debris on the field.

“For people to react that way when you’re supposed to be a supporter and be with us through thick and thin, that’s tough,” Prescott said.

Dak Prescott apologized for praising Cowboys fans who threw debris at the officials on Sunday.
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Nevertheless, after a reporter clarified that the fans were throwing objects at the officials, he did an about-face.

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“Credit to them, then,” Prescott said.

Cowboys fans and players were upset that an official impeded the Cowboys from getting a shot at the end zone after a Prescott quarterback scramble across the middle of the field with 14 seconds remaining. The ball never got set in time, and before they could snap the ball, time expired and the Niners had won the ballgame.

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