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After taking last year off due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sedona’s famous breakfast spot and home of the 101 omelets, Coffee Pot Restaurant, is back for their 12th annual Thanksgiving dinner.

The dinner will be served free of charge from 3 to 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 24. The menu includes the traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner with gravy, cranberry sauce, veggies and dinner rolls. And of course, the meal is topped off with pumpkin pie for dessert.

The Daher family, owners of Coffee Pot, began the tradition to provide a meal and place to go for those in need or without anyone to spend the holiday with. But throughout the years, the dinner transitioned into a community event where anyone is welcome.

“Our family and the staff love hosting the free dinner each year, in fact it’s something we look forward to doing all year,” said Damien Daher, son of owner Emilie Daher. “We are really excited to be bringing back the tradition again this year.”

This year, they are planning for around 500 people, but hoping for even more.

The turkey and stuffing are prepared in the week leading up to the dinner, while the other sides are made the night before or the day of.

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Although the meal is free to any dinner guest, donations are accepted. All of the proceeds go to the Sedona Community Food Bank. And no need to worry about leftovers, those are also donated to the food bank. The family hopes for another sizable donation this year to the food bank, according to Daher.

The Coffee Pot’s staff are not the only ones helping with the dinner. Each year many staff members bring their children to help with serving and busing the tables. Daher also said that many community members have offered their help over the years.

The dinner will be served as a communal, first-come first-serve meal table seating.

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