The Mormon cricket threatens the US

The Mormon cricket threatens the United States appears to be in danger of a “biblical” cricket storm. Nevada has been overrun by these creepy creatures, with one hospital covered in the insects. Some parts of the state are now overrun with the bugs, with businesses taking to social media to show how they are fighting the Old Testament plague. In the northeastern Nevada town of Elko, streets, crops and walls were covered in the tiny creepy insects, with a shocking video showing the extent of their siege. Staff at a hospital had to resort to blowers and brooms to remove them. Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital Communications Officer Steve Burrows explained, “To get the patients to the hospital we had people out there with leaf blowers, with brooms. At one point we even had a tractor with a snowplow on it, just to push the piles of crickets and move them on their way.” The scenery looks like it was taken out of the Seven Plagues of the Pharaoh This particular “Mormon” cricket is native to the US and got its name after it was first discovered in Utah in the 1800s. Its population swells and declines in a multi-year cycle,…

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Absolute chaos at the Burning Man Festival in Nevada

The Burning Man Festival in Nevada was “drowned” in mud after a severe storm hit the area, leaving thousands of visitors stranded in an isolated area. Local authorities said one person had died and urged visitors and performers to seek shelter and try to stock up on food and water. The sheriff of Pershing County, in northern Nevada, said in a statement that a man was killed Saturday “during the rain,” but did not specify the cause of death or the victim’s identity. “His family has been informed and the death is under investigation,” he added. Access to and from Black Rock City, the site of the annual “Burning Man” festival, has been blocked, organizers said in social media posts. The Wasau County Sheriff’s Office explained that entry to the site is not possible due to flooding and that anyone trying to get there will be “turned back” by officers. The festival started on August 27 and was scheduled to end on September 4 More than 60,000 people travel each year to this remote area of northwestern Nevada, according to organizers. They gather in the “temporary” city to dance and have fun for $575 per person – that’s how much…

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