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Trump supporters outside court

Fears of riots and riots gripped Manhattan as protesters gathered outside the courthouse chanting in support of the former US president. In his first public appearance on Truth Social shortly before the court ruling, the former US president commented that the district where the trial is being held is the district where 1% of Republicans voted. Referring to the Judiciary, he spoke of it being “very partisan” and of people who “hate Trump”. Hours before he was due to appear in a Manhattan court, the former president suggested that the trial be moved to another location. In his post on Truth Social, Trump specifically suggested moving the case to nearby Staten Island, a “very fair and safe location” that is friendlier to the Republican Party. He also launched a scathing attack on the “judge and his family” who “hate Trump”, commenting that his daughter worked on the campaign of current Vice President Kamala Harris. “A mock trial,” the post concludes. A handful of Trump supporters and critics had gathered outside the Manhattan courthouse, awaiting his arraignment amid tight security. In a video posted on Twitter by a BuzzFeed reporter, two Trump supporters – one of them wrapped in an American…

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Donald Trump declared innocent

Donald Trump pleaded not guilty, as expected, shortly after arriving in Manhattan court after being indicted on 34 charges related to the case of porn star Stormy Daniels and how Trump bought her silence. About 15 minutes late, the former US president entered the courtroom as supporters protested outside the courthouse. Wearing a dark blue suit and red tie, the 76-year-old Trump appeared expressionless as he arrived and greeted supporters by raising his fist. There were only photographers in the courtroom and no cameras. The process lasted about two hours and ended when the former president and his entourage left for La Guardia Airport and the return trip to Florida. Neither upon arrival nor upon departure did Trump say a word to the crowd of reporters waiting outside the courthouse. The next hearing in this case, with Trump in court, is set for December 4. Speaking after the proceedings, Trump’s lawyer, Todd Blanche, said the former president is “disappointed and upset” by what happened. He even accused the prosecutor of turning a “purely political matter” into a “political prosecution”. “It’s not a good day. I didn’t expect this to happen in the country, you don’t expect this for someone who…

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Field truck tumbles off California freeway onto separate crash scene

Three people were injured after a large box truck toppled off of a freeway ramp and crash-landed on at the scene of an earlier accident on a Los Angeles County highway. The chaotic crash occurred amid commuter traffic around 7:30 a.m. Friday on the ..

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California man who fatally stabbed Las Vegas showgirl discovered unfit to face trial

The knife-wielding madman accused of fatally stabbing two people on the Last Vegas Strip — including a showgirl — was found mentally unfit to stand trial, The Post has confirmed. A Las Vegas judge on Friday ruled Yoni Barrios, 32, must remain at a ..

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GOP lawmakers known as Twitter’s Put up censorship ‘tipping point’ for large tech

Republican lawmakers called Twitter’s suppression of The Post’s groundbreaking Hunter Biden laptop story the “tipping point” of big tech shortly after the social media giant’s censorship. The remarks, revealed in internal emails made public Friday,..

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Lee Zeldin condemns David DePape’s alleged assault on Paul Pelosi: ‘No room for this type of violence’

New York GOP gubernatorial candidate Rep. Lee Zeldin condemned the vicious attack on Paul Pelosi and called for an end to politically-motivated violence. “Whether it’s the targeting of pro-life pregnancy centers, it’s the targeting of Supreme Court ..

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California Zoo welcomes lovable sister capybaras, world’s largest rodents

So “capy” to see you! Two sister capybaras have been welcomed by a California zoo that released photos of them munching on bamboo stalks and a video that shows them paddling around their pool. The adorable critters — which resemble large, hairy pig..

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Ex-White Home press secretary Jen Psaki admits Dems ‘fearful’ over midterms

Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Friday that Democrats are worried that momentum has shifted toward Republicans with 11 days to go until the midterm elections. “People are fearful about where the momentum is going in some of these ..

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Jailed ex-politician indicted in stabbing dying of Las Vegas journalist

A former Las Vegas-area politician has been indicted on a murder charge — which carries the possibility of the death penalty — in the killing of a veteran investigative journalist who wrote articles critical of him and his managerial conduct. Robert..

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Oklahoma males discovered useless in river have been ‘chopped in half’: sufferer’s mom

The four Oklahoma men whose dismembered bodies were found in a river were severed in half, a mother of one the victims said. “My son and his friends were first shot multiple times, chopped in half at their waist and then thrown into the Deep Fork Ri..

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Indiana faculty board candidate underneath hearth for saying ‘all Nazis weren’t unhealthy’

An Indiana school board candidate is under fire for posting a since-deleted comment on Facebook saying “All Nazis weren’t ‘bad.’” Dr. Matt Keefer, who is seeking a seat on the Zionsville Community Schools Board of Trustees, made the comment earlier ..

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King Charles’ historical past with US presidents: He’s met 10 of previous 14

Hanging out with Richard Nixon’s daughter Tricia at a White House supper dance. Swapping stories with Ronald Reagan about horseback riding. Bending the ears of Donald Trump and Joe Biden about climate change. King Charles III, who became head of sta..

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