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Luka Doncic, Mavericks deal with Suns in Sport 4 to even sequence at 2-2

DALLAS — Luka Doncic scored 26 points and the Dallas Mavericks took advantage of foul trouble for Chris Paul to beat the Phoenix Suns 111-101 on Sunday, evening the Western Conference semifinal series at 2-2. Paul was out of Game 4 early in the four..

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Lakers thought of pursuing Kyrie Irving-LeBron James reunion

The two most disappointing teams in the NBA reportedly could have matched up on a trade that would have reunited LeBron James and Kyrie Irving in Los Angeles. The Lakers internally “considered pursuing” Irving earlier this season while the Nets side..

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This Day in New York Sports activities Historical past: Knicks win first NBA championship

On May 8th, 1970, the New York Knicks defeated the Los Angeles Lakers in Game 7 of the NBA Finals to secure their first championship in franchise history. Willis Reed and Walt "Clyde" Frazier led the Bockers' past a star-studded lineup that feat..

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Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving lead Nets to tight win over woeful Pistons

The Nets’ defense was inconsistent and unimpressive. But they had just enough star power and just enough shooting to get away with it, and get a 130-123 win over woebegone Detroit. Brooklyn scored its way to a harder-than-it-should have been victory..

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Nets guard Seth Curry expects to play by ache for remainder of season

Seth Curry is not only playing through pain nightly, but knows he’s probably going to have to keep doing so for the rest of the season. The Nets guard’s left ankle has been an issue since before his Feb. 10 trade from Philadelphia. And he’s been sui..

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The precise second Michael Jordan was not ‘intimidated’ by Shaq

Michael Jordan revealed when he saw a sign of weakness in Shaquille O’Neal. As a ruthlessly competitive player, Jordan did not believe in helping opponents up off the court, and judged those who did — such as Shaq — as lacking killer instinct. “Wh..

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Seth Curry, Andre Drummond invaluable to Nets in early days with team

How key was prying Andre Drummond and Seth Curry out of Philadelphia in the James Harden-Ben Simmons swap? The pair haven’t just started since the trade went down, but they’ve posted the best plus-minus stats on the whole Nets roster. Drummond is a..

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James Harden gave us glimpse of what we got all too little of with Nets

Years will pass and feelings will calcify, and after a while there’s a good possibility that the one thing we’ll remember about James Harden is this: he didn’t want to be here. Or, more precisely, he stopped wanting to be here. And what will be lost..

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Doc Rivers sums up Knicks’ struggles: ‘Chemistry is a very fickle thing’

Doc Rivers, the best quote among NBA coaches, summed up in one press conference the Knicks’ troubles better than Tom Thibodeau could in 40 sessions. Asked by The Post how the Knicks could’ve gone from 10 games over .500 last season to now 11 games ..

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RJ Barrett, Derrick Rose practice fully with Knicks lineup return looming

The Knicks emerged from the All-Star break as a healthier team, with two key pieces returning to the practice court. RJ Barrett (sprained ankle) and Derrick Rose (ankle surgery) both practiced fully on Wednesday for the first time since sustaining t..

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Kemba Walker’s Knicks homecoming wasn’t supposed to go like this

Sometimes, it’s not enough to simply crave the fairytale ending. Sometimes, reality gets in the way, takes a Zippo lighter to the final few chapters, turns them to ash. Sometimes, it turns out Thomas Wolfe was right. Sometimes, you can’t go home agai..

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Steve Nash sold Goran Dragic on joining the Nets

Goran Dragic credits Nets coach Steve Nash for the start of his NBA career. Now, he may be able to thank his mentor for his career’s final chapters, too. For a second straight season, the Nets were big winners on the buyout market. Last year, it was..

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