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Beijing Worldwide Movie Pageant

The Beijing Worldwide Movie Pageant has been organized since 2011 and is a serious movie occasion in China. It’s a global movie competition that promotes China’s tradition and abilities to the world. Immediately, the competition has grown into a serious worldwide occasion on Chinese language soil and attracts the eye of movie professionals, journalists and movie lovers around the globe. As well as, this yr it should final 5 days, within the middle of Beijing, together with quite a lot of competitors packages, movie screenings and seminars for movie college students and professionals. Jury members of this yr’s BIFF’s thirteenth Tiandan Award, led by well-known Chinese language director Zhang Yimou because the jury president, appeared on the opening ceremony. The organizer mentioned 1,488 movies from 93 international locations and areas had utilized for the competitors this yr. Amongst them, 15 movies had been chosen to compete for the Tiandan Award. Ten awards, together with Finest Characteristic Movie, Finest Director, Finest Inventive Contribution, Finest Actor and Finest Actress, shall be introduced on the closing ceremony on April 29. Varied actions equivalent to worldwide movie screenings and boards shall be held through the competition. Launched in 2011, BIFF goals to reinforce exchanges…

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Gauri Khan shares ‘stunning notice’ on Shah Rukh Khan’s 30 years at films

Gauri Khan has penned a sweet note for Shah Rukh Khan as he completed 30 years in the film industry. Shah Rukh debuted with director Raj Kanwar's 1992 film Deewana. Gauri Khan celebrates 30 years of Shah Rukh Khan in Bollywood. Published on Jun ..

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Reese Witherspoon Hilariously Has To Inform Diane Keaton Her Picture Of ‘Leonardo DiCaprio’ Is Really Her Son With Ryan Phillippe

Reese Witherspoon’s offspring have become hot topics in recent years as fans have watched them become young adults. Every other week, a new debate about who the children favor more – her or their father Ryan Phillippe – continues to emerge. Witherspoon's son Deacon Phillippe has captured a bit of attention online from viewers and other celebri..

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Might Disney+ Day Imply A Change Is Coming For An Epcot Attraction?

Today is Disney+ Day and the celebration of the streaming service’s second birthday has brought with it a lot of cool stuff. A bunch of new content has arrived on Disney+ itself, a massive number of the service’s upcoming content has been teased, and even the theme parks have been getting in on the action. But some of the mnaterial added today to t..

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Dakota Johnson Shares Emotions On Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer And Shia LaBeouf Amid Controversies

Dakota Johnson has worked with a large number of incredible actors and filmmakers throughout her career. She’s, of course, been the leading lady to Christian Grey’s fantasies in the Fifty Shades movies, along with being part of a ton of critically-acclaimed films such as The Social Network, Black Mass, Suspiria, The Peanut Butter Falcon and soon, T..

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Surprise Lady’s Gal Gadot Will Play One Of The All Time Nice Disney Villains In An Upcoming Remake

Back in June, it was announced that Disney's upcoming live-action remake of Snow White had found its star to play the titular lead, as the production hired Rachel Zegler to play the beloved princess. The actor has spent the months since then as the only member of the cast, but now that has changed in a major way, as the news has broken that Ga..

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Dune’s Dave Bautista Reveals Which Of His Co-Stars Made Him Act Like ‘A Little Fan-Boy

Dune has finally arrived, and audiences worldwide are experiencing Denis Villeneuve's sci-fi epic in all its glory. The film has exceeded box office expectations and has become a critical success as well, setting itself up to be the next big must-see franchise in movies. The cast is stacked, as it includes younger talent like Timothée Chalamet..

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Scream Star Neve Campbell Explains Why Wes Craven’s Genuine Movie Did So Properly

Scream made an entire generation of horror movie fans afraid to answer the phone. These days, we’re more likely to text someone than we are to call them, but that doesn’t make the Wes Craven series any less frightening. Now, 25 years after it was first released and just months before the release of the fifth film in the franchise, Neve Campbell is ..

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Stereotypes in Indian Society Immediately

From the time a child is born, they are subjected to the Gender norms prevailing in the society, from smallest things like to what color they should like to what occupation one should choose is defined by the person's gender. These stereotypes have been embedded in brains. Society teaches us "pink is for girls while blue is for the boys, boys ..

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