Body Jewels, Pearlcore and the Goth-aissance Will Rule 2022

Photography courtesy of Pinterest

Next year, there will be no rules.

Natalie Michie

Date December 7, 2021

Maximalist personal adornment is expected to be all the rage next year.

Accessories like tooth gems and eye embellishments will soon find a place in your jewellery collection, according to Pinterest — and the social media giant is rarely wrong.

The platform released its highly precise trend forecast — Pinterest Predicts — for 2022 on December 7. Its annual report (boasting an 80 per cent accuracy rate) analyzes what more than 400 million Pinterest users around the world are searching for, and uses that data to predict what we’ll be obsessed with in the year to come across fashion, beauty, wellness and home decor.

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On the style front, 2022 is set to be all about self expression.

This past year, we’ve seen facial jewels on the red carpet — from Machine Gun Kelly at the VMAs to Amanda Gorman at the Met Gala. But it seems the trend will soon be suitable not just for A-list events but grocery store runs, too. Count us in.

Photography courtesy of Pinterest

The fashion forecast points to the arrival of the Roaring Twenties 2.0. Our collective desire for fun and experimental dressing is driving searches for pieces like “electric blue outfit,” “fuschia dress outfit” and “gradient dress.”

“2022 fashion will be all about feel-good fits with an electric kick,” the company said in a release. “All genders and age groups are driving this trend.”

And it doesn’t stop there. The study anticipates an array of other surprising trends will hit the scene in 2022 — notably, the arrival of “pearlcore,” expected to bring iridescent accents into nail art, wedding decor and gowns.

Photography courtesy of Pinterest

The company also predicts an elevated loungewear trend that will see us graduate from sweats to luxurious sleepwear, with increased searches for “transparent nightgowns,” “silk nightgown aesthetic” and “satin nighty.”

At the same time, goth aesthetics are likely to make their way into the mainstream, with Pinterest dubbing the coming trend as the “goth-aissance.” This feels apt with the current resurgence of our favourite gothic punk idols (we’re talking to you, Avril Lavigne). Checkered-print-everything is forecast to have a moment in 2022, with increased searches for checkerboard nails, suits and rugs.

Pinterest Predicts also noted that users will be celebrating the all-natural look, specifically when it comes to hair texture, in 2022. Gen Z is experimenting with hair styling techniques like space buns, mullets and shaved heads with dye designs.

In the world of wellness, next year is all about protecting your energy and celebrating the small wins. The study shows that Gen Z users are looking into ways to cultivate spiritual awakenings via searches like, “how to protect your energy” and “how to raise your vibration.” On TikTok, we’ve already begun to see this interest manifest itself (pun intended), with manifestation guides and tutorials going viral on the video-sharing app.

Unlike 2020, parties will be plentiful in the new year. Millennials, Gen X and Baby Boomers specifically have shown interest in commemorating the small stuff, increasing their searches for rather specific gatherings, such as divorce festivities, pet adoption parties and even break-up cakes.

Photography courtesy of Pinterest

With mix-matched styles and aesthetics, it seems there are no rules in 2022. That is, except, to explore self-expression to the fullest.

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