Almost Every Celebrity I Can Think of Is a Fan of These Shoes

Muaddi has been on the fashion scene for a while, but she only went solo with her shoe brand last year. Growing up in Italy was always an inspiration for Muaddi to want to design shoes, but she first sought out a career working at magazines—an invaluable network for any fledgling designer. She attended the European Institute of Design and worked as a stylist at L’Uomo Vogue and GQ, ensuring she understood the world of fashion before completely fulfilling her dream.

In pursuit of following in the legendary footsteps of footwear designers like Manolo Blahnik, Muaddi travelled to Italy’s famous shoe-making district, Riviera del Brenta, to learn the trade and co-founded her first brand, Oscar Tiye. Following that, Muaddi then moved to Paris, where she collaborated with French couturier Alexandre Vauthier on the launch of his shoe line. It is this mix of traditional training, exposure to fashion's most influential and general worldly taste that laid the foundation for her personal expression through her own line of shoes.

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