Tesla shares dip in after-hours trading despite record revenue

Tesla posted record quarterly revenue Wednesday that beat Wall Street estimates, but said it expected supply chain issues to continue through this year. The stock fell 2.7% in after-hours trading. Revenue rose to $17.72 billion in the fourth quarte..

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Here are some WhatsApp hacks most people don’t know about

You probably use WhatsApp every day – but there are some clever tricks you may have missed. A popular TikTok video has revealed some of the best. If you’re a regular WhatsApp user, it’s worth knowing these tricks. They were shared by TikTok creato..

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Kroger supplier Ocado unveils advanced robots to pick, pack groceries

From lightweight robots to hi-tech van routing systems, British online supermarket Ocado unveiled a suite of innovations on Wednesday it predicted would raise its returns and win new customers for its technology. Ocado has already struck deals to pr..

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Boeing invests $450 million in air taxi startup

Boeing is doubling down on its investment in the autonomous air taxi company Wisk Aero. The plane maker is committing another $450 million to the Silicon Valley startup that is developing its technology jointly with Kittyhawk, the self-flying aviati..

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Publishers ask EU to stop Google from removing cookies from Chrome

German media companies want the European Union to prevent Google from removing third-party cookies from its Chrome browser, claiming the move will eat into critical ad revenues for news organizations. Axel Springer and hundreds of other publishers, ..

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Eric Adams may have lost more than $1,000 converting his first paycheck to crypto

Maybe he should’ve stuck with cash. Mayor Eric Adams may have lost more than $1,000 of his first City Hall paycheck in just four days after converting it into cryptocurrency during a plunge in the market, a Post analysis shows. Adams, who pulls a..

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Your iPhone’s Apple logo can turn into a secret button – here’s how to ‘unlock’ ‘Back Tap’

If you have an iPhone then you need to try this hidden feature that utilizes the Apple logo on the back of your phone. Apple iPhones come equipped with several clever features, one of these features includes “Back Tap.” What is ‘Back Tap?’ ‘Back T..

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Google, Amazon, Meta crank up lobbying as Big Tech scrutiny rises

Google, Amazon, and Meta spent tens of millions of dollars lobbying Congress last year as the tech behemoths came under increasing scrutiny from antitrust regulators and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc. boo..

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Twitter posts celebs’ inspirational tweets on billboards

Twitter wants to inspire the masses with a billboard ad campaign featuring tweets from celebrity athletes and entertainers who made their dreams a reality. The tech giant on Tuesday rolled out the “manifestation” ad campaign in eight locations acros..

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Microsoft’s $69B Activision-Blizzard deal sets stage for antitrust ‘soap opera’

Microsoft has managed to fly under the regulatory radar as big tech competitors like Google, Amazon and Meta take heat in Washington, D.C. and Brussels — but the company’s plan to acquire scandal-ridden game developer Activision-Blizzard for $68.7 bi..

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Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky says he’ll work remotely and stay in a new rental every 2 weeks

Airbnb’s CEO and co-founder says he’ll work remotely and move from city to city every couple of weeks — staying, appropriately enough, at a different Airbnb rental. “Starting today, I’m living on Airbnb,” Brian Chesky tweeted on Tuesday. “I’ll be st..

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Digital detox: Thirteen simple hacks to break up with your phone

Never mind Veganuary and Dry January . . . it’s time for a digital detox. We are more addicted to our phones than ever, new figures show, spending an average of four hours a day staring at their screens. That is up a third since 2019. As well as “..

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