Your WiFi router is in the wrong place – six tips to get a better connection right now

If you’re having broadband problems then there’s a strong chance you’ve put your router in the wrong place. Picking the right spot can be tough, especially when you’re limited with choice based on where the main cable comes into your house. But an ..

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Incredible ‘space jellyfish’ spotted in sky after SpaceX launch

A SpaceX launch left a wild phenomenon in the sky as the Falcon 9 rocket traveled to space at break-neck speeds. Clear weather conditions and early morning sun rays lit up the rocket’s exhaust plume creating a “space jellyfish”. On average, Elon Mu..

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Elon Musk told potential Twitter investors he’d double or triple their money: report

Billionaire Elon Musk reportedly pledged to deliver a massive windfall as he sought to convince rich investors to finance a portion of his $44 billion Twitter takeover. An SEC filing earlier this week revealed Musk has secured $7.14 billion from a g..

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Inside creepy AI that ‘brings dead back to life’ by animating old photos

Cherie Bergman’s eyes welled up as she met her father’s gaze for the first time since his tragic death eight years earlier. With one tap of her phone, the Florida mom was able to see him blink and smile from behind the screen as if he were alive jus..

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Three tech steps to take before you die to protect your digital legacy

I know — it’s a grim topic. But in today’s digital age, we have to plan for what happens to all our online accounts, data, notes, photos, videos, websites, playlists, blogs, and subscriptions once we’re gone. Speaking of subscriptions, more familie..

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Web Search Engine

Big Internet directory listing

Looking for an new Internet directory listing ? With billions of websites online today, there is a wealth of information on the Internet. Search engines make it easy to find this information. Artmotion is one of the best search engines in this 21st era. You can find any information using this search engine.   You can Submit your site to search engine using this search engine submission service. If you wonder how to promote your website, all you have to do is submit your site to search engine using Artmotion’s submission service.   Advantages of the search engine? Organizing Internet search engines help organize the Internet and individual web pages. Search engines help organize the vast amount of information that can sometimes be scattered in various places on the same web page into an organized list that can be more easily used.   Why Artmotion? ArtmotionBot is our web spider’s robot for the Artmotion web search engine. They never let spider surf the Internet uncontrolled to give us results, and we prefer to specify the site you are going to visit. So it is up to your decisions on what exactly to index.   Artmotion’s search engine does not borrow…

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This iPhone trick can tell you if your date is lying about their height

Short kings, iPhone users are onto your ways. Apple’s smartphones have a measuring tool that can accurately tell you someone height just by taking a photo. It’s compatible with phones as old as the iPhone SE or iPhone 6S, so long as they are update..

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Supermassive black holes will smash into each other and warp space and time, scientists warn

Two massive black holes will merge in 10,000 years, in a collision that will send ripples across the universe, a new study finds. The research, led by a team of astronomers from CalTech, found that two colossal black holes, about 9 billion light-yea..

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Grocery app Gorillas drops 10-minute delivery pledge, adds store pick-up option

An app that wooed New Yorkers by promising groceries and other essentials in just 10 minutes is now taking more than an hour to make some deliveries, The Post has learned. The Gorillas app — which launched last May with splashy ads boasting “groceri..

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Mind-blowing internet ‘time machine’ reveals how awful Facebook, Google and more used to look

Internet users are taking a trip down memory lane seeing what their favorite websites looked like years ago. The Wayback Machine allows people to step back as far as the ’90s, glimpsing at the basic and awful designs once graced by the likes of Face..

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Mysterious balls of glass spotted on surface of Moon by China rover

A pair of mysterious glass balls have been discovered on the surface of the Moon by China’s lunar rover. The semi-transparent spheres measure up to four centimeters across and were captured by Yutu-2’s panoramic camera. According to a study publish..

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NYC delivery guys at Russia-backed app Buyk worried about sanctions

New York employees of a Russian-funded grocery delivery app are nervous that new Biden administration sanctions against Moscow could threaten their jobs, The Post has learned. Buyk, a New York-based startup that was co-founded by two Russian entrep..

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