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James Harden-less Nets run out of gas late in loss to Nuggets

The Nets went from a Big 3 to a Big 1 to a rag-tag group of the only nine healthy bodies on their roster Wednesday night. The group without a superstar held its own and even led by 11 at halftime before succumbing to the Nuggets, 124-118, in the sec..

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Knicks hammered by Heat as Julius Randle struggles again

MIAMI — The Miami Heat showed why they may win the Eastern Conference and the Knicks showed why they won’t make the playoffs at status quo. Last season, the Knicks finished ahead of the Heat in the standings, and that just seems eons ago. The Knick..

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ESPN’s Jeff Van Gundy: Knicks need to tear up starting unit

A former Knicks coach thinks these current Knicks are broken. ESPN analyst Jeff Van Gundy said the Knicks’ starting unit is flawed on many levels and that changes need to be made. “They just need major changes,” Van Gundy said during the Knicks’ 11..

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Nets’ James Harden says he’s ‘definitely back’ to the player he was

MINNEAPOLIS — Is the Beard back? Maybe James Harden was sparked by the defense Friday night, or perhaps he was just unusually springy at San Antonio. But he says it’s something bigger. The Nets star claims his long road back from a June hamstring i..

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Knicks’ Julius Randle not helping cause with media silent treatment

On A cold Saturday in Tarrytown, Julius Randle kept the freeze going between him, Knicks fans and media. The Knicks were staging media availability for the first time since Thursday’s New Orleans debacle, and the scribes requested Randle following p..

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Steph Curry’s first game-winning buzzer-beater comes amid career-worst slump

Stephen Curry made the shot when it mattered – but only then. Amid the worst shooting skid of his career, Curry ended another strange streak on Friday, when the best shooter in NBA history sunk his first game-winning buzzer-beater. With 5.1 seconds..

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Knicks lose crusher in Kemba Walker’s return to fall below .500

Kemba Walker’s latest return to the Knicks’ lineup started quietly Tuesday night, but he and his teammates had the Garden rocking in the second half. Another home game only resulted in more disappointment and heartbreak for the Knicks and their fans..

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This could be time for Karl-Anthony Towns-Knicks merger

In happier times, right before the 2015 NBA Draft, Karl-Anthony Towns warmed to the idea of making Madison Square Garden his home sweet home. He was a Knicks fan who grew up in Jersey watching tapes of everyone from Clyde Frazier to John Starks, and ..

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Schedule gives Kyrie Irving shot to help Nets fill Kevin Durant void

WASHINGTON — There’s no good time to lose Kevin Durant for a month, which is just what the Nets are facing. There are only bad times and worse times. But at least now is merely a bad time. The Nets are embarking on their longest concentration of ro..

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Kevin Knox’s father: ‘Puzzling’ why Tom Thibodeau didn’t give son more minutes

Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau never took a liking to forward Kevin Knox and his stint with the team since being a 2018 lottery pick came to a merciful end Thursday with his trade to the Hawks. Kevin Knox Sr., Knox’s father who played wide receiver for..

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RJ Barrett can’t wait to play with Cam Reddish again: ‘He’s up to the challenge’

More than anybody else in the Knicks organization, RJ Barrett has the inside scoop on playing with Cam Reddish. So when management asked him a few questions about his former Duke teammate before acquiring Reddish from the Hawks on Thursday, Barrett..

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Nets face heavy road stretch which means more Kyrie Irving

The Nets aren’t the only NBA team to post a decidedly better record on the road this season than they have at home, although their dilemma concerning Kyrie Irving’s part-time availability makes their situation unique. After facing the Pelicans on Sa..

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